Give Your Heart Away – Jypsy Rose (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Give Your Heart Away, the latest single from Jypsy Rose, is certainly a song that is brimming with country vibes. But like any song worth its salt, it is so much more than that too. After all, why confine yourself to just one genre when you can dance across many? And dance she does, sure-footedly and with both emotion and grace, and the result is a cool coalescence of sound and style.

There is an understated country core at the heart of the song but it also pulses with eloquent folk balladry, is shot through with nostalgic rock and roll vibes and has plenty of pop sensibility, something which contributes no small amount of accessibility to the song.

If you think that ballads are all about taking an easy dynamic route through a song, then Give Your Heart Away will make you think again. It’s a slow-burning number, one that meanders towards its logical conclusion slowly swathing itself in increasing tones and textures, adding a beat, embracing sonic chards of guitar, building momentum through well-crafted sonic weight rather than pace.

And then, at the heart of it all (pun intended) is Jypsy Rose’s voice. Rising from gentle intimacy, it gradually builds in impact and intent, through folk finesse and country cool and even plays slightly with rock and roll’s heightened sonics before returning to the quiet comforts from which it began.

But there is also a lesson to be learned from, not just the message of the lyrics but from the fact that the song exists at all. Having put her musical dreams on hold to follow life’s more expected pathways, it took a heartbreaking turn of events to remind her that life is for living and dreams are there to be chased, and so the live stage beckoned once more and a solo career was embarked on.

Give Your Heart Away is a great song, one that blends genres whilst delivering soulful sentiment. It walks deftly but makes an impact. It will appeal to the country traditionalists but will make waves far beyond that scene too. It contains enough pop smarts to get noticed in the mainstream charts, it is understated enough to become a favourite with the more discerning folk set and its Americana vibes will carry it to all manner of unexpected corners of its home country and beyond.

Jypsy Rose is a new artist for me, but she is certainly someone that I am going to keep a close eye on.

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