Give Myself To Love – Mare Wakefield & Nomad (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In these difficult and often bleak times, it is great to be presented with a song that is so simple in its lyrical premise, so optimistic, a song that so gorgeously gets to the heart of the human condition that it makes the world suddenly seems like a different, better place. Maybe it is because spring is here, maybe it is because there is a glimmer of normality on the horizon or maybe it speaks to the joy that lies in Mare Wakefield & Nomad‘s musical soul. How can you not fall for a song which is simply about being in love with being in love?

The Nashville-based husband and wife duo are both imbued with and driven by a sense of wanderlust, both geographic and sonic, hopping styles and genres as easily as they do locations and shows and making music that reflects their restless and romantic nature. Americana, old-time country, jazz and contemporary folk all swirl round in their songs and references such as Natalie Merchant, Shawn Colvin and Dolly Parton seem to inspire and infuse within them.

Give Myself To Love is a gentle, lilting slice of country-folk, banjoes buzz, mandolins chime and accordions breeze through and there is something wonderfully vulnerable and honest about the idea of surrender to love and longing that is woven through the lyrics.

The single comes ahead of their 3rd album, No Remedy, which is set to hit the world in early summer and as a calling card and statement of intent, it is perfect. And ironically, for a duo who are more at home on the road than being limited to one location, it was the pandemic that instigated its recording. At the start of 2020, they were embarking on a tour of the U.S., Germany, the Netherlands and Canada but as soon as the scale of the pandemic became apparent they found themselves at home with an unexpected and unprecedented amount of time on their hands. Time that they could dedicate to as many rewrites and re-recordings as they liked, a luxury indeed.

But before that sees the light of day you, the listener, will have to be content with this single, though it is easy to find yourself returning to its sonic charms time and time again. And by the time you are ready for something new, a further 10 songs will be up for grabs. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

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