Give Me More – Alisa Chirco (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Who says that rock music has the monopoly on all the big moves? Alisa Chirco’s latest single is as big, dramatic, theatrical and sassy as anything that those posturing, foot on the monitor types could fire off. Give Me More proves, that when done properly, pop can be hard hitting and impactful, can make big sonic statements and run on sky-scraping grooves. With lyrics that are nothing if not demanding the music is the perfect mirror for that confidence and self-assured swagger.

It’s a far cry from the last single of hers that landed in the review pile. If Box was a classically infused ballad, all restraint and understatement, then this time out she is working at the other end of the alt-pop spectrum. But there is a musical sure-footedness that connects both songs and whether she is playing the part of elegant, Pre-Raphaelite fantasist or dance floor, pop diva, she plays her musical part to perfection.

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