12814638_10153366167867201_7475726113821403849_nOne of the great things about working at the grassroots level of music has been watching the rise of a great DIY circuit of wandering guitar-slingers across the length and breadth of the country. Forget all those check shirted Frank Turner wannabees you see at open mic. nights, these guys are the real deal and remember for every Frank that makes it through to a commercially viable career they are dozens of players of a similar ethic criss-crossing the country, sofa surfing and playing their songs to a hand full of people in obscure backstreet pubs, coffee shops and in small festival tents. We have written about many of them here on DAA – Jake Martin, Gaz Brookfield, Nick Parker, Joe McCorriston, Jon Allen, B-Sydes, Heartwork, Neil Morris… the list goes on.


But unlike the aforementioned Mr T it is often next to impossible to find the funds to record the music and get it out to the public at large. Well, thank god for Kickstarter and the latest artist to take that route is the wonderfully named Doozer McDooze or as he is sometimes known “ that bloke you see at festivals.”


If you check out the link below and play the video you can hear him explain just how you can be involved and all the various packages as well as the breakdown of costs are there to check out too.


Link to Kickstarter info


The grass roots music scene needs all the support it can get these days, music doesn’t just suddenly jump from the bedroom to an O2 and by helping out artists such as Doozer McDooze you are not only helping the smaller network survive and flourish you will be getting some pretty great new music and other goods into the bargain.


Like This


Doesn’t that give you a warm feeling?

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