Always nice to come across a video that has an actual narrative to it. All too often, videos promoting rap and hip-hop videos seem to make no sense, just an excuse for an artist to be filmed waving money at the camera whilst sitting on the hood of a flash car. And although both the video and the music here have a life of their own, put them together, and you get the perfect package.

Girl Can I Get That is the sound of modern rap, neo-soul, R&B and ultra-hip pop (hip-pop?)colliding to create an infectious and of-the-moment song. It’s a great example of where urban music, for want of a better word, is. Like all music genres, it is undergoing a post-genre revolution, meaning that musical demarcations are gone, barriers have been kicked down, and doors have been opened.

The result of this is artists no longer being confined to their specific generic path and instead are free to meld, merge and match their music with any other sound and style that takes their fancy. And that is precisely what is going on with Girl Can I Get That.

It is soulful and sassy, built of deft deliveries and dexterous rhymes, runs on skittering and busy percussive beats and bass pulses and comes at you with a poise and polish that sets Powerman MC apart from a lot of his peers.

A cool song indeed and one that reminds us that daydreaming is such a bad thing. After all, without (day)dreams, how are you going to have a (day) dream come true?

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