A recent listen to the audio track for Ghost Train told me everything I needed to know about this cool number from Mark Henes. But sometimes a good video can help to underline its attraction and sonic qualities, as well as the artist’s abilities as, not only a songwriter, but as a performer too. And that is exactly what is going on here. After all music is, or at least in my mind it should be, a live performance art. You can craft, build, polish and produce a track all you want in the studio but what counts is getting on a stage and reproducing it. Okay this is more of a promotional video than a live performance but it does give you an insight into Mark’s stage presence.

No distracting dance routines, no post-production gimmicks, no band to hide behind, this is pure old school, guy with a guitar music, and delivered as such, no frills, just the man as the musician doing his job. And doing it expertly.

But of course it all does come back to having a great song to begin with and Ghost Train is a great song. A song that fuses all the strands that go to making what can be labelled Americana music. A beating country heart,  accessible melodies, something to say and a whole lot of soul. If Americana is the sound of that country’s story, Ghost Train is a cool paragraph in the latest chapter and the video gives you a neat illustration to go with it too.

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