Ghost Like Soul –  Jonny Polonsky – feat. Cedric Bixler-Zavala (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If The Weeping Souls merged Beatlesque pop sounds with a more underground yet classic acoustic rock vibe, this latest single shows just how much ground Jonny Polonsky can cover from one song to the next. The former was built on jangling melodies and infectious lyrics, this time out he takes things in an altogether different direction.

Ghost Like Soul is a much darker affair, forged from warped electronica and affected vocals, claustrophobic atmospherics and hypnotic synth riffs. There is also an inherent tension which drives the song, you feel as if you are waiting for it to burst into life and release its pent up dark energy; the fact that it never does is both beguiling and a little bit frustrating. But what is the point of making music which is predictable, which does what the listener expects? Life doesn’t do that so why should music?

It’s a clever piece of music for sure, and its especially brave to release as a single but the fact that it is out there as a calling card for the forthcoming album, Kingdom of Sleep, says a lot about Jonny Polonsky. It tells us that he follows his own path, that he doesn’t just play to the gallery and most of all it tells us much about just how wide his sonic palette is and just how outside of the box he thinks. Box? What box? He’s been outside the box so long he can barely remember what the box looks like!

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