There is a wonderful collision of sonic worlds that exists at the heart of this fourth single from Ally Eandi and Ghost Boy seems to exist where modern balladic pop runs into some bigger, more rock-orientated production values. The result is a tender plea from the heart which is, in turn, heightened to epic proportions, the perfect blend of delicacy and drive, of grace and groove, of traditional form and, of-the-moment, forward-thinking sonic application.

In short, it’s great. The lyrics are deep and loaded with meaning and resonance, equating the aftermath of a break up of a relationship to the process of grieving, and the music manages to be both understated yet resolutely dynamic, switching from one to the other as required and then merging both into a gloriously crafted sonic experience.

It is also worth mentioning that Ghost Boy is the product of an all-female team of creatives. So not only does it come from the perfect place to express such intimate thoughts, it also makes perfect inroads into redressing certain unbalances that currently exist within the music world.

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