Get Gone –  Rockie Brown (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Rockie Brown makes music where past rock ’n’roll traditions crash full on into future pop potential. Where low slung garage band ethics are warped into groovesome electronica. Where dystopian dance vibes are seduced by an overdose of swagger and attitude. How can you not love that? Get Gone is a staccato rock ’n’ roll salvo gone haywire, one that shifts dynamic as often as it does genres, just when you think that you have it pinned down it ups a gear or heads into a minimalist breakdown, it ramps up the grind or breaks out the groove, or just does the thing that you least expected.

It’s also a breath of fresh air lyrically…okay, not fresh air, quite the opposite, heavy, sweaty, smoke-filled, musk-laden air, but you know what I mean. I love the fact that it is so dark, so sultry, so edgy and seductive…just what we need in these staid and safe musical times. Rockie Brown has the ability to be all things to all people, all broad minded people anyway, and still somehow doesn’t sound like anything else that you have heard in a long time. Imagine Lady Gaga reinventing The Velvet Underground for a modern, ultra-hip audience, or Siouxsie and The Banshees taking on the role of an R&B infused, alternative dance act….I think I am just making things up now for effect but you get the idea.

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