Having made a name for himself in everything from acrobatics to TV comedy to dramatic film acting, 2020 sees Tyler De Nawi take a serious step into the world of music too. Fuxk Tyler showcases his rapping skills, firing off salvos of martial intent and self-confident mission statements. It is both relentless in its barrage of lyrical flows and dexterous word play, and glitched out in its musical treatment, occasionally scratched and mixed as if Tyler De Nawi is working the vocals just like a DJ spinning a record.

It’s a tsunami of street talk and pop culture references, bravado and confrontation, hip-hop traditions being played out over music which errs on the side of ambient and collections of off-kilter beats. A heady combination of past sounds and styles being repackaged and represented for a more up-to-date scene and knowing audience.

When it comes to performance and creativity it seems that Tyler De Nawi is planning to conquer every field. Fuxk Tyler certainly lets the competition know that he has arrived to take on the music world too.

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