Fun of the Fair – The Room in the Wood (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What makes great music easy to describe through subtle, or not so subtle, name drops which I am about to demonstrate, is not because it is trying to copy what has gone before but because it drinks in its inspirations from the same sonic well-spring. It is easy to hear any number of sonic bed-fellows in Fun of the Fair, (man, my metaphors are all over the place today) a Bunnymen shimmer, a bluesy Doorsian psychedelic vibe…which is of course the logical natural next port of call and even a touch of Gang of Four’s more wide-ranging and avant-garde take on post-punk, all comparisons which I’m sure The Roomies will be more than comfortable with.

But more than anything Fun of the Fair is unashamedly pop. You can dress things up in all the cool trappings, seminal references and hip descriptions you like (and I do) but when it all comes down, pop is where you find it and you find it right here. The melodies are easy on the ear, the grooves danceable, the bass riff addictive as hell and I defy anyone to not be singing the chorus by the time it swings around for a second time. Sounds very much like pop to me.

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