Fuck This Noise –  A G E N T  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Punk wasn’t built in a day, but it probably didn’t take the whole weekend. And this is the attitude that lies at the heart of A G E N T’s music, get the job done and then get the hell out of there. Fuck This Noise, a typically uncompromising statement of intent, is the sound of that early punk swagger colliding with more fluid and florid rockisms, the former providing the balls and belligerence, the latter adding a step up in terms of musicality. Once you remember that punk was born kicking and screaming, literally, out of rock and roll in the first place, the UK version from Bowie obsessed art-students looking for a way out, the US strain coming from more street level garage rock mutations, you realise that Fuck This Noise is not so much a meeting of genres but more a re-alignment across the generations. It also shows that everything is rock and roll if you drive it hard enough and strip it clean. And this drives hard and is bad to the bone.

Lyrically sparse, built on solid low-slung riffs, anthemic in its energy, wrapped in street-gang backing vocals, this is grungy riff-a-rama at its best as they splice and swap guitar lines, and use stop-start musical dynamics to create even more punch. But having said that punk is rock and the whole thing is cross generational and geographically universal, there is a 80’s US sonic finger print that is too obvious to ignore here. Somewhere in the DNA of A G E N T is a thread born of a lot of nights sat listening to Anthrax albums and their thrashy, trashy, turbulent ways ooze from the pores of this record.

But why not? They were a great band, and so is A G E N T, one that is happy to cut through the crap of the modern rock world, that values substance of style, (although ironically they work with minimal substance and deliver it in great style) one that remembers that the music comes first and everything else can take a back seat. It’s a message that more bands should take heed of.

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