Ecological messages haven’t always sat well in music, being told the World is about to end isn’t the best subject matter for pop music, so it takes deft musical skill to deliver such an important message yet still be accessible. In short, it’s all very well having a message but if the way you tell it doesn’t reach the ears and minds of people, you’ve achieved nothing.

Danish band Malmo have an upcoming four track EP which touches on differing aspects of how the world is changing. Putting it mildly, it’s heavy stuff, but awareness is one of the first steps to change and the band have pieced together something beautiful in this track.

I was a fan of their 2018 album ‘We Come From The Stars’ so I wanted more good things from this EP, if this song is anything to go by, it’s going to be an epic journey once again.

We start with singer Maria Malmo’s haunting voice reaching out like the voice of the North seas, and that feeling of being on board a ship crashing through the unforgiving waters comes through in the production. I commented before that nature and geography runs through their work so it’s no surprise that they can write such great music that carries such an important message.

Listen to the song, pre order the EP and research what they are writing about, it could change everyone’s life.



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