It isn’t hard to see what potential Joe Vuplis, Lady Gaga’s manager, saw in Brian Hutson when he witnessed him singing at an office party. An album such as Dreams to Screens is the perfect validation and reward for the trust that Vuplis put in him. It’s an album of contemporary pop music that wanders far and wide to create its signature sound.

For every step into the future, it takes a furtive glance back into a synth-pop past. For each touch of underground dance smarts, it exhibits wide-ranging, pop accessibility. For each cultish clubland touch, it exudes creativity commercially. It is sharp and sheened, powerful, and polished. It is, in short, all things to all listeners.

Pop music seemed to fall into tried and tested templates long ago, following fleeting fads and fashions to secure enough attention, to happy merely to follow what has gone before. Dreams to Screens is the sound of a new form of cutting-edge pop being invented right under our very noses.

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