The journey probably seems familiar – from karaoke apps to bedroom beat-making, getting creative with well-known covers, and releasing songs under his own moniker. But if the journey is familiar, perhaps the final sonic destination is something out of the ordinary. Yes, it is an electro-pop sound, dance fuelled, EDM that is both infectious and accessible, but it seems to mark a real step up where that genre is heading.

The pinnacle of this journey, to date, is the 2020 single Nervous, an honest and relatable musing on falling in love, its confusing highs, its debilitating lows, and, ironically, the perfect tonic for anyone who has experienced those feelings…which is everyone!

And if you can detect a faint sonic whiff of the likes of Charlie Puth, it is because Stingosaurus makes no secret of his admiration and influence of the New Jersey singer-songwriter and has even covered, remixed and reworked some of his songs.

A year later, he collaborated with Vivienne Rose! on the track Iceice, another look at relationships, this time effortlessly blending synth beats and exquisite vocals.

So, where next for Stingosaurus? With upcoming covers of iconic tracks by both The Chainsmokers and another Charlie Puth number and his own sound firmly establishing him on the electro-pop scene, the future is looking very bright for Stingosaurus.


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