Freakshow – Mriz (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Space, the iconic TV soundbite reminded us, was the final frontier. It still is. And that goes for music too. Too many artists feel the need to fill every inch of their musical canvas with sonic paint, that is the fill every part of their song with additional melodies, extra musical texture and unnecessary musical motifs. 

But it is the space between the notes, within the fading echoes left after a lyric lingers long that real atmospheres are found. So it is not the job of the musician to create them, merely capture them and you do that by creating space around such natural and intangible phenomena and letting them grow of their own accord.

And that is exactly what Mriz does here. Pianos rise from occasional notes to lilting melodies, beats build and solidify under the music but it is the floating nature of the vocals and the haunting beauty which is left in its wake which provides that extra quality, that additional, unplanned and beguiling grace. It is when you leave room for little sonic catalyst and musical cross-pollination to happen naturally that a song becomes more than the sum of its parts and that is exactly what Mriz does so effortlessly here.

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