Forever EP – Folk Devils (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

Not heard anything from Folk Devils for around thirty years, so this was a welcome surprise.

Big bendy guitars crash in with a wall of dirty but tuneful sound behind. No space for filler in here, just big powerful chords, rhythms and melody. It has a confidence that comes with age and experience.

Although the theme of each track is predominantly driven by powerful guitars, the music drives the emotion of the recording in many directions. The listener is wrenched and dragged around by way of a myriad of sonic twists and turns. It’s all a bit like being sucked up into a sonic tornado and not knowing where you might end up being deposited and whether you’ll end up in one piece or pummeled into the dirt head first with a face full of gravel.

If you like your music to take you on a big aural journey, then this EP is especially for you.

I’m looking forward to seeing if this becomes a springboard to an album and a tour. I’m in.

Did I mention the big guitars?

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