It is very easy, especially when trying to write high-brow, purple prose about earnest and worthy musical ventures that music can have some more honest and homely applications. Not all music needs to be high art or culturally important, some have other purposes and perhaps it is this sort of music which needs to be given more space.

Artist, musician, filmmaker, gardener, bee-keeper, parent, and partner, Wurmy Wormfield, aka Charles Herman-Wurmfeld has created an album of music that on the surface of things might just seem to be for children. Whilst it has all the hallmarks of a children’s singalong, it is so much more than that.

Its songs are designed to be engaging, light, humorous and fun but they hide a bigger message. Although dedicated to Micheltorena Elementary School & Community Garden, the idea of getting people of all ages to re-engage in green and environmental issues is about as worthy a pursuit as you can get.

The message of the connectivity of green spaces, the creation of community gardens, a return to the soil, the growing of our own organic foods and a celebration of the natural state of the world runs through the album. Along the way, it touches on some higher-minded ideas, from Buddhist ideas of oneness to green activism to global harmony and dedication to more peaceful and fundamental ways of living. And you can’t say that isn’t something that is not needed in the dark world of today. And the music found here is great too, a blend of country tunes, some almost 20’s era vibes and engaging pop.

It would be easy to dismiss such a collection of songs as being kids’ stuff, and whilst it is that it is so much more. And, what’s wrong with “kid’s stuff,” one day, those kids are going to be custodians of the world, and teaching them such ideas of care and community at a young age might just instil the saving graces that turn our world back from the brink.

It might not seem like it on the surface, but this is important stuff.

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