FEANO3cover700x700This third instalment in the series finds Matt doing what he does best, creating spacious, atmospheric music where the minimal instrumentation and anguished vocals do little more than encase emotions with fragile musical shells rather than solid structures. Approaching the guitar as a fully percussive as well as melodic instrument, particularly on the EP’s confessional swansong, Carrier Wave, he pulls beats, strummed half chords and dexterous, delicate finger picked intricacies often seemingly in unison.

And although the odd brooding cello wash helps colour the music, almost all of the sounds seem to be generated from just one guitar, which can flit from fragile minimalism to a cacophony of sound and often make you picture a trio of guitar, piano and drums rather than one man and six strings. And that is the art of knowing how to fully play your instrument, how to exact every conceivable sound from it, as well as a few you don’t expect, something Matt is a master at.

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