Ahead of the much-anticipated album Home and Holding, FOMO is a real shot in the arm for mainstream music. It is proof that the charts, for this is undoubtedly where this should be heading, given a fair wind and a bit of luck, don’t have to be about drum samples and dance routines, guest rappers and studio gimmicks.

It proves that you can take a guy with a guitar, a song built on a countrified, acoustic pop-rock sound, surround it with just enough sonics to frame it, and little more than that, and still have something that is perfect for mainstream chart dominance and endless radio play.

It echoes with the sound of past glories, such as The Eagles, as much as it does with cool, contemporary artists, like Ed Sheeran. It is accessible, infectious and fun. And whilst he knows where he comes from musically speaking, Dan Krochmal also clearly knows where he is going, and that is the much more exciting prospect.


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