I know genres are a thing of the past but even in the most eclectic of modern songs, you can at least identify many of the sonic building blocks. Not so with Follow Me, the new single from Swiss artist Mattfou. The song seems to build up from chipper beats and strange waves of “vocals as instruments,” any voice just as likely to be driving the lyrical narrative as it is to be adding to its music body.

There are flashes of strange and beguiling electronica, and washes of ambient sounds but for the most part it seems like a vocal collage that is being threaded through and held together with more conventional, instrumental-born sounds.

And that is what is so great about it. Whilst most artists seem to be looking for new musical pastures to explore, new genres to splice and fuse into new sounds, Mattfou takes it a step further and offers a whole new way of making music altogether. How great is that?

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