Sometimes there is something going on in a song, something not strictly part of the music, a vibe that lingers between the notes, and energy that is more than the sum of the sonic parts, that adds that extra dimension, making an already good song into something great. It is often hard to put it into words but let’s try. I think that the additional transient quality found in Fly Away comes from the attitude of the band, it comes from a feeling of joy, hope, optimism and love, all of which are celebrated through their music.

Fly Away is a song about leaving your worries behind, of freeing yourself of whatever emotional baggage you are needlessly carrying with you and capturing a new found sense of joy and freedom. Musically it soars and zings with their trademark Day-Glo pop sound and infectious grooves and as always it is hard not to be singing the chorus when it comes around for the second time.

In these dark times we need such positivity and musical abandonment to provide us a with a safe haven that we can visit when life all seems a bit too much and ReLoVe are that perfect oasis in a desert of negativity.

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