14184426_10153971039247865_5934926731595230029_nTimeless is a word that is banded around all too readily, mainly applied to music which has stood the test of time but which largely sounds very much of its era. Isn’t that more to do with survival and comfort zones? Maybe for music to really be timeless it should be impossible to see any chronological source, music that seems to contain elements that are familiar, fresh and forward thinking all at the same time. Music like Anomie Belle’s Flux.


Classical charm is threaded through futuristic beats, plaintive pianos wash over trip-hop glitches, dance floor culture is turned into musical anagrams, and dream-pop vibes are welded onto sensual and meandering EDM. The balance between beat and atmosphere is remarkable, changing direction in the most unexpected ways so that clinical cold clicks are replaced by warm pastoral washes or hanging anticipation and space is quickly subsumed by alien dance music.

Rarely do I come across music that is writing its own agenda as skilfully as Anomie Belle’s does, so much so that you would be hard pushed to think of a genre or label to assign to it. But that is a good thing right? A label assumes that it is music that can be packaged alongside similar artists, get enough of them together and you may even be able to rustle up a genre! A scene? No, none of that here, just a musically singular sound and a genre of one. After all, making the journalists earn their money trying to describe this without use of their go to comparisons and stock phrases must be a wonderful added bonus.

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