Anyone who lists Gram Parsons, Jeff Tweedy, Patty Smith, Ryan Adams, and Liz Phair as some of their influences is always going to be someone who I am going to take the time to check out. And, unlike many artists who list names just to look cool or who represent artists who they are not going to ever remotely sound like, Flow pretty much sounds like a song that exists in the central space of a Venn Diagram featuring all of the above.

It is cool and accessible, slightly underground and off-beat but is just the creative shot in the arm that the mainstream needs, it looks back at past traditions, folk, Americana, alt-country, exists in the present exuding modernity and class and sets out an agenda for the future and dares others to follow it.

It isn’t clever or complex, knowing or ground-breaking. It’s just good. So very very good. In fact, it is better than that, it is tasteful. And tastefulness always trumps any other card you can hope to play.

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