This band are based in Spain and this is evident when the guitars take hold of the opening track. The band fully hit their stride just thirty seconds into ‘Love & War’, and take us on a journey that sounds like it would be an obvious choice when looking for a Cohen Brothers film soundtrack.

Equally this is the sort of musical gem you might walk in on when making an unscheduled and serendipitous stop at your favourite well curated music pub.

This band has been described as a fusion of Americana and folk but I think that really is missing the mark. These guys are story tellers that use a musical backdrop that flirts with a hundred different influences.

Harmonies are cleverly constructed throughout and lyrically each story is well crafted and beautifully executed. The folk thing is evident in ‘Dragonfly’s Castle’. Layers of guitars of different shapes and sizes are pushed swiftly along with immaculately timed brushed rhythms.

Parts of this album bring to mind elements of the very best output from Barenaked Ladies which is most definitely not a bad thing. It would be easy to get bogged down talking about and describing the technicalities of producing music like this but really, it’s one of those records you can just sit back and let the magic wash over you.

I normally get very excited when I hear an album that sits in the 30-40 minute sweet spot but seriously, when it closed out after 10 songs in 34 minutes, I wanted it to carry on. I really want to see this band live and I will make that happen.

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