Field Kit – Field Kit (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

A moody mix of orchestral compositions and contrasting man made and found sounds.

TV and film soundtracks are hinted at throughout. You can make up your own plots, visualise your own cinematography and write your own scripts but all of your stories will be heavily laden with an over-arching darkness.

The recording is clearly a collaboration but you could be forgiven for thinking that the artists were either one person or close siblings or even twins. They have clearly honed or discovered their artistic voices together and have made sychronous journeys toward this moment.

Violins and synths appear to be augmented by sounds and techniques pioneered by the BBC radiophonic workshop or some similar European equivalent entity.

Although German in its genesis, the recording plays into a strand of Scandi film noir or perhaps it’s reflecting the existential crossroads moment currently playing out across the globe. A kind of O.S.T built to accompany the zeitgeist.

Compelling and rewarding in equal measure. Need to go watch a film now.

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