Most band stories follow similar lines. A bunch of like-minded, music fans write songs, tread the local boards whilst trying to change the world using old blues riffs and a working knowledge of A minor. I Am a Rocketship did it differently and the creation myth behind this duo is best described as ” successful jobbing musician meets cellist, scientist, radio DJ and synth-pop singer and the two proceed to make intriguing, stark and beautiful music,” which does make for a refreshing change and a much more interesting back story.

This, their second band together after working as Hitchcock Blondes, revels in music that is both dream-like and intense, shimmering and shattering, big and clever! And Fever Dream is no exception. It gathers around it hard-edged, grungey, growling riffs but then reveals itself to be a collection of ethereal, sparse and drifting vocals and gently floating sounds before plunging back into the sonic maelstrom.

And it is this loud/quiet, on/off switch which creates the structure of the song, a balance of drama and delicacy, grace and groove, tension and release, and no one does this sort of musical juxtaposition better than I Am a Rocketship.

Fever Dream is the calling card and teaser for a new album Lies and Legends, a ten-track discussion about the power of faith in difficult times, of how it can be a comfort but also leaves people metaphorically blinded.

But that is a month away yet which gives you plenty of time to soak up and enjoy the brilliance of this new track, which will be a revelation to first time listeners of the band and wonderfully reassuring to those who have been following the story over the years.

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