Female Medieval Jester –  Jamit (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I know enough about the mercurial musical maestro that is Jamit to realise that any new release from him could take you anywhere, musically speaking. Admittedly, the music will normally be found in the more hypnotic, ambient dance realms but this time out the wonderfully named Female Medieval Jester seeks to underline the hallmarks of his musical world. For hypnotic and ambient are the key factors here but instead of using those as the springboard and heading out to see just how far he can push those boundaries, instead this track sees him hunker down and play to his strengths. The result is familiar Jamit but also Jamit boiled down to his very musical essence. This is the beating heart and core ingredients of the Jamit sound.

Still inherently a dance groove but one that is happy to run on the spot for the duration, Female Medieval Jester is a strange brew of past and future. The warped echoes of Gregorian chant mix with cutting edge beats, eastern throat singing vocalisation is driven into a bright new future with choppy and chattering electronica. At over 9 minutes long, the repetitions of the music are emphasised, but I don’t think that this is long enough. I urge you to put this track on a constant loop, turn the volume down so that the music sits just on the edge of consciousness and use it as a sort of ambient mood enhancer and energiser to fill your home with good vibes and strange hypnotic sounds.  I’m into my third hour and I feel great!

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