Feel it Go Round – Catgod (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

Oxford’s sibling duo Catgod have been making a name for themselves in and around Oxford for the last few years, combining harmonies and their skewed take on life with a musical background that is moody, atmospheric and brilliant.

It takes a strong collection of songs to hold my attention and among the tracks there are surprises and hints at a strong future. At times morose, and at others, uplifting, the music plays out like a gothic folky psychedelia brimming with clever lyrics, subtle instruments and vocal performances that remind me of Damien Rice’s accomplished ‘O’ album and Kate Bush and Portishead.

It’s an unrushed album that dares to have songs teeter over five minutes in length, but the mood requires it.

Fans of the band will already be familiar with some of the tracks here – ‘Forget to Fall’ and ‘Heartbeat in my Hand’ were available as singles earlier this year – but there is something about the delivery of these songs that, with luck, will be accepted by a wider audience.

‘Sleep In’ for me is the pick of the songs here, opening with flute, the song feels like we’re about to be taken down a typical folky path, but ominous notes open out into a reggae rhythm that feels totally at home and is delivered extremely well.

On these dark mornings the music seems to act as a soundtrack to the season, but it’s not all brooding and menacing, the music can switch in an instant and has a maturity far beyond the age and experience of the band members.

If you like your music to be explorative, interesting and full of neat touches, give this duo a look up, from what is on offer here, this could be the start of something.

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