Over the last couple of reviews of her releases, I have always struggled to tie down just where K Michelle DuBois’ music fits into the grand scheme of things. Not that it matters but it does make the reviewers job easier and also gives the reader something to hang their expectations on, I guess. And I’m not saying that there is anything plagiaristic about Feast or Famine but as soon as your hear those scampering beats you can’t help but think of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill. And that is when the penny dropped.

Like I say, it’s not that she is trying to be Kate Bush, you couldn’t anyway, but there is the same exploratory spirit, the same adherence to her own way of doing things, that same ability to make music with is both addictive and good for you, infectious but smart. Feast or Famine shimmers with pop sparkle but never falls for the usual saccharine laced gimmicks or obvious and over-used studio tricks and traps. It is that rarest of things, clever mainstream music. Pop with a PhD perhaps. Music that the underground movers and shakers will adore but which the average pop-picker will love too.

Perhaps only Bat For Lashes has given Kate Bush a run for her money in recent years, well, now there is a third runner in that race. And she is closing fast!

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