Alt Rock, laced with just enough of a grunge vibe to tip their hats to the likes of Pearl Jam, Avenue Army have a sound that is both totally of the here and now yet stamped with all the hallmarks of rocks rich past. The best music tends to be the result of evolution, not revolution (despite what the ageing punks might tell you), and Avenue Army is the perfect example of this in action.

As original as the band is, it is undoubtedly music made by standing on the shoulders of giants, giants such as Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden and the aforementioned Pearl Jam. But this is also the sound of rock music moving forward rather than looking to the past. Favorite Enemy might be the sound of a band wearing their influences on their sleeves for all to see, but it is also the sound of the genre edging forward one small step at a time.

Musical revolutions tend to burn out pretty quickly; better that things evolve slowly and surely, building on the past but with a road map into the future. Favorite Enemy is the sound of that process in action.

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