Say what you like about Ty Segall but he’s nothing if not prolific. His heart is also very much in the right place as he proves by fitting the release of this single into his already hectic schedule, a song about his loyal canine friend and done so to raise money to re-home stray dogs.

Fanny is a wonky, woozy slice of alt-rock, countrified around the edges, bluesy at its heat but woven together in a way that only Ty Segall could. Brilliantly loose, hypnotically psychedelic, it feels more like a jam session than a nailed down recording but then such is the way that Segall approaches making music. It comes with two alternate versions, one taken from a live session which strips it bare to a solo performance and also the original demo of the song which is even more of a fuzzed up, freak out than the final cut. 

There are many reasons why you should grab yourself a copy. With all proceeds going to the animal rescue organisations NKLA and Mighty Mutts, which are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating the strays of Los Angeles and New York, it is obviously a worthy thing to do. But you should also get this for the swirling mix of brilliance and chaos which defines his sonic world. You should get it because Ty Segall is adding a bit of excitement to the rock fraternity at long last. You should get this so that when he is a name on everyones lips, which isn’t going to be long, you can say that you are there ahead of the curve. Most of all you should buy this because its a great record.

Pre-Order Fanny on Vinyl HERE


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