As much as Sun Wave Mountain Cave are keen to wear their local influences and infusions on their sleeves – nods here and there to the likes of The Replacements, Husker Du or The Jayhawks – there is something bigger at work too, perhaps something that emerges in that region know as “more than the sum of its musical parts”.

Kicking off with 25, the listener is presented with a gorgeous slice of cosmic indie, a song that seems to shimmer and shine, a song that ebbs and flows between the upbeat and joyous and the deep and meaningful. The Good Old Days is wide-screen and cinematic yet folky and funky, and Bones is slow and seductive whilst also being raw and abrasive.

Sun Wave Mountain Cave cover a lot of ground in their songs, mixing and matching all manner of influences and styles into their own take on indie-rock. And this small but perfectly formed EP is certain to whet the appetite and garner plenty of interest in the band, not only in their Minneapolis home but, given a fair wind and enough time, globally. Believe me, it is going to happen.

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