Well, that could have gone either way. With a name that could be taken as a rock ‘a’ roll pun, I was apprehensive as I dropped the virtual needle on the digital album. Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about and as opener Call It As It Is emanated across the office, it became clear that Status Foe makes music that is both cool and tasteful, and thankfully not the Status Quo tribute I was bracing myself for. Phew!

They are a rock band, sure, but they don’t limit themselves to one sound or style, rock is, after all, a very broad genre and by taking the best parts of its various components, they create their own brand, their unique sound.

Songs such as Why Try _ We’re Nothing wanders between indie delicacy and proggy ornateness, It Was Overstated revels in grungey weight and Centre of Nowhere blends psychedelic excesses with an intense bluesy groove.

Rock music has been with us a long time but there is still plenty of places to take it, still lots of sonic experiments to be performed, just ask Status Foe.

I’m still not sure about the name, thankfully the music speaks for itself.

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