If there is such a thing as progressive folk, then Fall, the latest release from Phil Firetog Trio & Co, is indeed it. It might start in a place reminiscent of 60’s folk revivalist sounds, delicate fingerstyle guitars with just a masterful meandering bassline for company. And then it steps up a gear and moves into more rock territory, layering up more robust tones and textures and blazing a trail skywards,

And between these two sonic states, it wanders before kicking up another notch in even more complex jazz-infused grooves, complete with fluttering flutes, additional harmonies, busy beats, and pulsing basses. But even with all of this going on, the composition and placement of the instruments, not to mention the players’ ability to serve the song rather than their ego, means that there is room for each sound and musical motif to be heard without any conflict or impairment.

It is music that is, at a turn, delicate and ornate, gentle and poignant, elegant and powerful, eloquent and eclectic. That’s a lot to fit into one song, but not only does Phil Firetog Trio & Co do it, but they also do it brilliantly.

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