maxresdefault.jpgOne of the things I love about Echoglass is their ability to hop-across genres, mix and match styles and musical stances and still sound like themselves, a blend of sonic cohesion and musical exploration. Eyes sees them plying their trademark positivity, the ability to take the minutiae of everyday life no matter how good or bad and make it universally relatable. But there is no ambiguity here, no looking for the silver lining or learning from mistakes, this is pure celebration, a song that worships love, which revels in the joy of having found the one, of romance and the vulnerability that goes with it.

Loves songs, especially ones which fall into the pop canon often undermine themselves through the treatment of the subject matter. Too simplistic and they fall into the realm of the twee and schmaltzy, try too hard and the song seems insincere. Eyes is the fine balancing act which wanders between the two camps, sure footed, honest and wearing its heart openly on its sleeve. Just how love itself  should be.

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