We Journalists love our genres, our pigeon-holes, our easy handles, but this one has got even me stumped. But that’s a good thing right? If it is easy to pin down then you have probably heard it, or at least something similar, before. Where you attempt to pace Phantom Phunk in the scheme of things really depends on which aspect of the sound you pick up on first. Hip-hop vocals blended with soulful-pop responses, electro-rock back beats, warped indie guitars and a strange neo-psychedelic vibe surrounding everything. Intrigued?

You should be.  It isn’t often that new genres are born, or perhaps old genres destroyed but that seems to be what Phantom Phunk are all about, knocking down musical divides, hopping generic barriers and finding new territory to dance in. They say that you can only break the rules once you have learned the rules. This is a band who sound like they weren’t even aware that a rulebook existed in the first place. What a healthy concept.

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