Everything’s Alright is one of those songs that wears its heart on its sleeve. Lyrically, it makes no compromise; it is the sound of the artist baring their soul and telling it like it is. Life is tough, and this relationship may not be the answer, but I need to go and find myself. And, for now, at least, that haven, that space where they can slow down, think and take stock, may be the safety and solitude of the flight out of here.

And musically, too, it plays with a rich tradition. A rhythmic, acoustic backdrop played slow and heavy, punching and punctuating as if underlining the lyrics’ sentiment. The sort of epic acoustica that Goo Goo Dolls and Dashboard Confessional made their own.

Some music makes an impression through power and impact, intricate playing and ornate instrumentation. Everything’s Alright isn’t that sort of song. It delivers its killer blows through rhythmic backdrops, allowing the lyrics’ poise and poignancy to hit home. Sometimes, as they say, less is more.

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