Every Soul A Story – Neil Bob Herd & The Dirty Little Acoustic Band (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

From the outside, Every Soul A Story can be summed up rather quickly (and rather unfairly) by saying it sounds a little like The Proclaimers and if you like the music of the Scottish duo, you’ll like this. It’s true, there are similarities in theme, vibe and delivery but that doesn’t tell the whole story. To merely describe the sound and songs of Neil Bob Herd and The Dirty Little Acoustic Band as a sound-a-like is doing them a disservice because the music on offer here is rich, cleverly pieced together and, lets be honest, if Neil Bob Herd came from Cornwall, it wouldn’t even be a discussion, because the similarities come from the Scottish accent. But it’s true, honest and really blimin’ good so, as all questions of taste, grab a copy and decide for yourself.

We have a broad pallete of folk, blues and country-tinged down-on-their-luck characters here, all expertly managed and controlled by seasoned musicians that have come together to produce something subtle yet effective.

Hopefully the music will appeal to those looking for a gentler experience, songs such as ‘Leave Only Love’ with its picked guitar and banjo playing will find an audience with fans of bluegrass. But then there are rougher, more direct, songs like ‘Bad Land’ and the lyrically clever ‘Well Well’.

It’s a strong album and well worth exploring, it’s the result of good songs, good musicians and a strong producer in Dan Swift, who has previously overlooked the efforts of Snow Patrol in the past, there are small nuances that will echo long after the album has finished and you’ll soon return to it.



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