Even The Losers – The Undecideds (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Okay, this site is generally a receptacle for new, original music, after all, there are plenty of other places that help promote covers, tributes, and the more established band. But, if a band comes to me with a cover of, not only a Tom Petty song but a killer Tom Petty song…though weren’t they all…I’m hardly going to turn them away, am I? No, I am not!

And this isn’t just a cover, it’s a great cover, one that shows that they understand how Petty’s music works, something that you shouldn’t take for granted, I have seen my fair share of sonic assassinations by bands who don’t get it. Thankfully, The Undecideds, siblings Chloe and Dexter, do get it and their rendition is a fairly faithful one, after all, why mess with genius.

The song is spacious and uncluttered, as was the hallmark of his music, everything going on here is only what is needed, leaving room for the riffs to play out, the beats to create the perfect groove, the bass to merely punctuate. And on top of that Chloe’s clear and cool vocals add the perfect top layer.

Why can’t all cover versions be this smart, nuanced, faithful and engaging?

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