Escape – Brandyn Burnette (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

16114305_1332485856773636_359787800550816037_nI have to say that the term “progressive soul/indie pop” as a label in the press release was something I found intriguing, particularly the first half. Genre’s can only tell you so much and the term “progressive’” pretty much throws expectations wide open so I thought I should explore further, and to be honest progressive soul is the perfect term for what beats at the heart of Escape.

It captures the sensual, late night vibe of the most subtle of soul grooves, a chilled out, après-dance soundscape that just washes over you rather than demand your full attention. Yes, it is pop too and underground indie, ambient and jazz tinged, it even slowly builds to a psych-rock crescendo. Many boxes are ticked over it’s three and a half minute journey but if Burnette was aiming to throw his hat into the futuristic soul ring, well, he has certainly done that.


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