Enter Stellar – Lil’ Greg The Bastard (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’m not really sure where Enter Stellar fits into the musical canon but then that is true of all music which is stepping ahead of the pack and doing something different. The tracks are sometimes built on a trippy trap beats or willfully off-kilter grooves but as always it is the sonics and the melody, the words and the message that such an engine room drives which is the real test.

The opening track, Last Ride, is a wonderfully warped take on a slow urban groove and it sets up what is to follow on this album perfectly. You might recognise the sounds and styles that the music is built from, it’s just that the final sonic architecture is something new and different, something unique and beguiling.

PMTL is a confident salvo of skittering beats, weird, beguiling breakdowns and vocal punctuations, Two Numbers Later is a collection of driving percussion and squiggly vocals used as a strange instrument, and Cry comes close to conventional rap balladry but as always is pushed through his singular sonic filter. When The Time Comes is a strange mix of exotic vibes and western vocal deliveries, east meets west, orient meets occident. There is even room for some spoken word and found sound audio inclusions in the form of Jerzii Interlude.

Enter Steller is the sound of urban music traditions heading into the future. Lil’ Greg the Bastard doesn’t follow the rules because where he is going the rules haven’t been written yet and so he is writing them as he goes. And this is the document of such a creative process.

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