Labelling Flizzy solely as a purveyor of pop music is spot on, yet it’s also missing the forest for the trees. Sure, he’s got all the pop prerequisites down pat – the instant catchiness, the accessibility, the groove, the unbridled energy. But what sets him apart is his knack for crafting pop from the kind of sonic building blocks typically associated with less mainstream genres, which makes his music all the more enthralling.

“Blessing” ignites the proceedings, offering a fresh take on modern soul, or perhaps, neo-neo-soul, if you will. Yet, it’s also infused with a subtle Afrobeat flair, its allure lying in its spacious and seductive aura, driven by skittering trap percussion and tribal rhythms. It’s a cool fusion of musical styles, resulting in a signature sound uniquely his own.

“Connect” dabbles in the fusion of reggaeton rhythms, bridging the gap between old-world charm and modern vibes, channelling the heart of Africa as well as the Caribbean island spirit. “Backstage” offers a mellower pace, providing a balladic respite amidst the groove. “Go Down” is a more sensual and alluring piece, both in its tone and lyrical message. The EP culminates with “Want,” a heartfelt declaration of love and yearning.

Elevation serves as a prime example of a post-genre record, where the artist shrugs off the confines of rigid genre boundaries, allowing music to flourish. It’s through this liberation from the straitjacket of a single sound or style that musicians truly advance the art. This is the sound of pop music being expanded, elevated, deepened, stretched, and extended to its creative zenith. The future of music finds its sure footing when artists like Flizzy push the envelope in this manner.

Remember, it’s evolution, not revolution; that’s the name of the game. And if you’re curious about what that sounds like, just give this record another spin.

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