If you strip most pop music back to its very essence, you find that it is generally built on a platform of dance grooves and accessible beats. Strip dance music back and you start finding even more primitive sonic urges and shamanic sounds. Keep stripping back far enough and you will come to music such as Elderlinks, music which gets to the heart of what makes such sounds so seductive.

Without the unnecessary fluff and peripheral noise that composers’ egos get caught up in, Mister Red makes music that boils down the dance sound to its very essence and Elderlinks is an exercise in reminding us just how music works at its most addictive and basic levels. It revels in trance like hypnotism, its beats talk to our older soul and our subconscious, primitive brain, bypassing logic and intellect and going straight to our primal understanding of the altering state that music is the door to.

Not only a great track but a reminder that within these seemingly sophisticated bodies there is still our older soul waiting to be unlocked. Elderlinks is just the music to set that being free.

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