Ebony Stoned  –  EllaMaeFlossie (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Ebony-Stoned (3).jpgDescribing themselves more as a collaborative project than a band, this musical tribe comprising of LiKWUiD on vocals, music director Zaven Embree and honorary member Willie Green in the role of engineer and producer, are the perfect response to the world we find ourselves in today. They stand for non-conformity and creativity as a way to promote love, peace, prosperity and aim to re-unite the disparate tribes that mankind is continually dividing into. Ebony Stoned is also a response to the patriarchal society that they see around them, the greed of capitalism and a rallying cry to instil hope, particularly in women, as the gender balance seems to be tipping against them at an increasing rate in the current political climate.

The song is an intense and relentless blast of forward thinking hip-hop energy, beat and groove topped off with a machine gun delivery of hard hitting rap salvos. A staccato explosion of attitude, it swaggers with militancy and confidence and bravely swaps the route through easy melody for punch after sonic punch. The result is a euphoric and tense musical message, one that you are unlikely to forget any time soon.

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