Eat My Cult – Let There Be Darkness (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As long as you don’t concern yourself too long with where Eat My Cult fits into the scheme of things generically or stylistically speaking, you are going to really enjoy this latest release from Let There Be Darkness. It’s a dark sonic trip, a blend of voodoo vibes and twisted alt-pop, shamanic electronica and real edge, a underground sound and a hellbound heart. And although gothic might be a much-misunderstood word, perhaps conjuring theatrical rock bands and laughable metal sub-genres, this gets to the heart of what the word really means.

For those of us old enough to remember, it echoes with the brooding electronic vibes of much of the music which secured the genre’s sound right back in the early days. Dark, ex-punk pioneers rewiring keyboards to their will and making music, unlike anything that had gone before.

And even if you aren’t old enough to remember, in its shattering beats and quaking bass pulses, its bleak intent balanced with no small amount of humour, its thunderous presence and horrific sonic heart, you will find a real alternative sound to embrace.

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