Dreams of Orion – The Dream of Orion (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If he as trying to create nothing other than a wonderfully chilled, dance-infused, mellow vibes, pop song, Olivier Herràn the man behind Dreams of Orion would have succeeded with room to spare. But the fact that he has claimed that the music has a higher purpose means that perhaps the music needs to tick certain other boxes too, ones not driven by merely popularity and mainstream music success. This music was created for more than mere entertainment but with a mind to aid spiritual enlightenment too, an ambitious and worthy goal if ever their was one.

An whilst it is easy to relax and revel in the loose beats and hazy vocals, the easy rhythms and the calming drift of the music, within the human sentiments and soothing, earthly sonic pleasures, there is also something meditative and hypnotic in the understated sounds which make up Dreams of Orion. It is these which allow you to literally go with the flow, to leave the worries and woes, the concerns and conniptions of the real world behind for the song’s duration and perhaps focus on bigger pictures and deeper thoughts. Or you could merely use its musical message as a sonic massage and just forget your worries for a while, power down and recharge your own mental batteries.

Whichever way you look at things, this is a gorgeous song. It might not change your life, but it might allow you to open a few unexpected doors or just get out of your own headspace for a while. And, honestly, when was the last time a song was able to make you do that?

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