1613929_264090150429315_187589104872281970_nOne of the great things about helping to run festivals such as The Shuffle is that you end up working with a lot of bands that you might not otherwise come into contact with. A band drop out and a last minute plea for a replacement was how I was introduced to the music of Young Wilson. Being of a certain age and having grown up on what can best be described as “white guy with a guitar” music, writing about a young hip-hop outfit is pretty much outside the norm for me, but hey, who needs comfort zones.


It was great to see a young MC and DJ performing music I normally only associate with studio recordings and big shows reliant on lots of technology, but here they were mixing and rapping live and making a great job of it. But for all their live skills, if you want to hear the full potential of the music then pick up a copy of their recently released EP, Dreaming a Dream.


Cuz I’m Back leads us in with some aspirational comment about where hopefully the future might lay. Shimmering synth samples and minimal beats leave the lyrics and the message centre stage, but it is Hurricane that really stands out as the main selling point of the EP. A violin led folky lilt leads a sweet female vocal in before an inspirational autobiographical rap weaves in and out of the fantastic vocal hooks of the chorus. This is layered with wonderful textures, the complete package and a possible pop crossover. Taking us out is Look in the Mirror, a from the heart thank you letter to the people who have helped get the music this far.


It’s a great musical offering, avoiding the controversy and often explicit nature of the fame game end of the genre and instead the voice of a young hopeful just trying to make music work for him and doing so in a warm and welcoming fashion. What’s not to like?

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