Garrison Hawk may be a name more associated with alternative and progressive rock and even pop music, but on his latest album, The Adrenaline, he returns very much to his roots. If working with Tricky on his 2001 album Blowback brought him to wider recognition, it was working with such artists which also set him on a journey of discovery back through the reggae and dancehall sounds of his Jamaican roots.

Dream For Life is a sonic taste of modern Jamaica, the sound of its music traditions being not only kept alive but brought bang up to date. It blends electronic grooves with sultry rhythms, gentle Dancehall beats with a celebratory sound sung in the singular style and language of the genre.

It’s infectious and fun, its very sonic structures seem to radiate warmth and sunshine, it is nothing less than the sound of an artist finding his way back home to embrace his musical heritage. 

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