Before you even get to the substance of the song itself, this latest single from Tash reminds us of just how flimsy musical demarcations are. Approach this song from one direction; it is a gorgeous slice of contemporary neo-soul. Come from the opposite way, and it’s classic dream-pop with a chilled dance edge. Siddle up from a third, and you are presented with groovesome yet understated R&B. Still, you can avoid all such generic arguments and just say that, essentially, Dopamine is simply a great song.

Running on busy bass grooves and ticking beats, Tash waxes lyrical over the top in a hazy harmony, one that is so softened, seductive and sweet that it almost sinks into the music, becoming less a lyrical component and as much a musical instrument.

It’s a song perfect for the modern age. It glances back at soul and R&B sounds past but brings enough cutting-edge creation and modern musicality to the proceedings that it perfectly blends a reassuring familiarity with a beautiful sense of sonic adventure.

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